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Lake and river clean up

AlphaMERS provides cutting-edge solutions to combat river and stream pollution. Our technology, including floating trash barriers, tandem sweeping systems, and floating wetlands, effectively cleans water bodies. We are also developing renewable powered filters for water purification. Our solutions keep lake surfaces clean, prevent new pollution, remove biota from polluted areas, and isolate suspected discharge sites.

Ocean Energy Solution

Ocean waves contain a lot of energy; though not much work has been done to harness this energy. Alphamers has conceptualized a Wave Energy Convertor The WEC device has a seabed unit & a surface unit of floats. The floats move as per the waves and transmit the power to the seabed unit that converts it into usable forms of energy.

Oil Spill Response

AlphaMERS produces a range of oil spill response equipment, such as booms, hydraulic power packs, skimmers, and more. Our equipment is manufactured in-house, rigorously tested in our facilities, and certified by third-party inspectors. We consider various factors like wave heights, currents, temperature, and oil characteristics to ensure our products meet specific deployment requirements.


In its inaugural year of operation in Chennai, AlphaMERS collected a record-breaking 22,000 tons of trash using its Floating Trash Barriers, strategically placed in ten locations. Since 2017, AlphaMERS has successfully prevented river plastics from reaching the sea. Their cost-effective solutions effectively control riverine and ocean plastics in eight cities across India. As an SME, AlphaMERS is dedicated to research and development, with patent-pending solutions for various water-related environmental challenges, aiming to contribute to India`s sustainable development in the aquatic domain.

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AlphaMERS aims to lead in environmental services and specializes in developing indigenous solutions. We focus on technology leadership in addressing plastic pollution, harnessing ocean renewables, and advancing oil spill response technology.


AlphaMERS shall develop and maintain technology leadership in specific areas of mitigating plastic pollution in marine environment, harness ocean renewables and developing cutting edge oil spill response technology.


AlphaMERS aims to be a powerhouse of practical, scalable technologies in environmental and sustainability domains, focusing on indigenous solutions and technology leadership in areas like plastic pollution mitigation, ocean renewables, and oil spill response.

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