Lake and River Cleanup

AlphaMERS has developed ‘Tandem Sweeping System’ using two shallow drafted waterjet propelled boats. This sweeps a wide swath of 10 Meters between them in one sweep and operates along edge of the lake in shallow drafts. Water jet propelled boats do not have conventional propeller and thus they do not get fouled by the aquatic biota on the surface. This sweeps a wide swath of 10 Meters between them in one sweep and operates along edge of the lake in shallow drafts

Floating Trash Barriers

AlphaMERS has been making significant strides with its innovative floating trash barriers (FTBs). AlphaMERS’ mission is to restore water bodies to their pristine state. Floating trash Barriers, designed as standing mesh structures with hydrostatic and hydrodynamic stability, effectively capture solid waste while allowing water to flow freely. The strategic placement of the barriers diagonally across the water ensures that trash is carried to one end, where it can be easily recovered.

AlphaMERS has installed its proprietary technology of floating trash barrier in nine Indian cities i.e Gorakhpur, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mysore, Coimbatore, Puducherry, Chennai, Thanjavur and Tuticorin. AlphaMERS has deployed almost 3500 Meters of this barrier and the first installation was a pilot project in Bengaluru and Chennai in 2015 and 2016. The first commercial deployment in 2017 arrested 22000 Tons of trash including 2200 Tons of plastics.

Floating Wetlands

AlphaMERS had developed Floating Wetlands which are small artificial platforms which allow hydroponic plants to grow with their roots spreading through the platform into the water. These floating wetlands are heavy-duty buoyant steel platforms that act as floating islands with 10 sq. Meter space for the growth of hydroponic plants that cleans the polluted water. The roots of the hydroponic plants feed on the nutrients in the waters and clean them.

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