Oil Spill Clean Up

Oil Spill Response requires reliable and suitable equipment. Equipment that occupies low revenue space of vessel when stored and can be quickly mobilised. AlphaMERS has developed Single Point Inflation Oil Boom, Integrated containment and skimming system besides flex barges, skimmers and such equipment.

Oil Spill Response

Ports and oil facilities are required to maintain Tier 1 resources to deal with an oil spill. This capability requires having equipment and trained manpower resources on site. The equipment is typically booms, skimmers, floating tanks, OSD spray systems, and accessories like boom reels and power packs. AlphaMERS provides such on-site resources to oil companies and ports. AlphaMERS has completed such contracts with major oil companies for offshore and onshore pipeline activities. AlphaMERS designs manufactures, and supplies OSR equipment to the industry.

Boom Reel

Boom Reel Oil containment boom reels are the most efficient and quick way to store, deploy and recover extended lengths of boom. The BR-AM-25 boom reel is a hydraulically operated boom reel to store deflated boom. It is fitted inside a 20 feet container which also has a hydraulic power pack and an independent air inflator. The boom reel is made up of marine steel grade and it is powered by a 300 CC hydro motor.

Flex Barge

A flexible barge is a non-rigid barge made of neoprene fabric and has reserve buoyancy. It has external webbing on the outside for strength and has a capacity greater than 10 tons.


AlphaMERS has also developed skimmers for high pour point oil, that becomes thick in ambient temperatures and becomes difficult to pump. These are typically fuel spills from ships above a certain size that burns residual fuel oil.

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